Covid-19 questions

Dear students, 

The Covid-19 crisis affects us all. As a result, the Eindhoven rental team has not yet been able to open its physical counter. We hope to release some positive news about this in the near future. 

We receive a lot of questions about paying the rent, losing (side) jobs and the uncertainties that this time entails. For this reason, we have listed some options: 

  • Contact one of our consultants. 

Huurteam Eindhoven is happy to help you with regard to your rental price, service costs, overdue maintenance, rent increase, etc. If you have been intimidated by your landlord to pay your overdue rent or just want to discuss what is best for your situation, fill in our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

  • If you can no longer pay the rent, speak to your landlord. 

We're all in the same boat, even your landland. Talk to your landlord about the problems you are currently experiencing, what you have already done to find a solution yourself, etc. He/she may be more inclined to help when your efforts becomes apparent. 

  • Request a payment plan. 

We all have fixed expenses, the rent usually being one of the largest. By requesting a payment arrangement from your landlord, it is possible, for example, to postpone your payment for one month and to spread this amount over other months. Of course, it is currently unclear how long the measures will last, but for a short-term solution this may help. 

  • Contact the LSVb or the Municipality of Eindhoven

The LSVb (National Student Union) has a student line for questions regarding being a student and the corona crisis. This can be reached at 030-231 3029. 

The Municipality of Eindhoven also has a Money Stress telephone line which can be reached at 040-760 1777. In addition, they support the site (easy to translate via a plugin in your web browser) with tips and tricks on how to deal with this difficult time. Highly recommended. 

Hopefully we have been able to help you a little further. For all questions, please contact us. 

Stay healthy, best regards, 

Huurteam Eindhoven