Help! High costs due to housing shortages?!

Rent reduction

“This house is more expensive because you can't find anything else”, “Good location in the city center”, “Close to the university, you pay extra for that”, …

We hear stories like this every day. These misconceptions cause tenants to pay hundreds of euros for their home every month. However, this goes against the legal rules that determine the level of house prices. Landlords must adhere to this, but this does not always happen.

I first paid 850 euros rent per month incl. service costs. Now I only pay 460 euros! And the only thing I did was start a procedure with Huurteam Eindhoven.

Do I get a refund?

In some cases, it is possible to reduce the rent retroactively from the start date of your lease. This is called an Initial Rental Price Check. You can claim this when you start a procedure in the first six months after signing your lease.

Have you lived in your new home for more than six months? Don't worry, you can be entitled to a reduction from the rental committee from the start date of the procedure.

If you pay too much service costs, if there’s damage to the house that the landlord does not want to repair or you pay an all-in rental price, a reduction is also a possibility. See our other services for more information.

Do you want more information?

Contact one of our consultants for a free rental price check.