Know your rights as a tenant!

Contract checks

There are different types of rental contracts, including the standard contact, the hospita-arrangement (living/sharing with your landlord), a user agreement, etc. Which of these one you have is of great importance regarding the rights and obligations attached to them. When in doubt about what's in your contract, it's hard to figure out exactly what to do, because they are usually written legally and sometimes only in Dutch.

There are some things that should be in every type of contract, such as the full name, location of signing and the date of signing, a description of the room(s), the rent / service costs, the commencement date and agreements regarding maintenance obligations.

My contract contained a time frame of ‘at least one year’. After my first year, my landlord wanted to evict me. With the help of Huurteam Eindhoven I was able to convince the landlord that I could continue to live in my room!

My landlord wants to end my contact. What do I do now?

There are many reasons why a lease is terminated. Default and serious inconvenience are examples when a landlord is in his right to make this choice. However, a landlord can’t simply evict his tenant for no reason. As a tenant, you might have found a better or cheaper accomodation. Huurteam Eindhoven can check your contact to determine your rights, such as:

  • Do you have a lease for a definite or indefinite period?
  • What is my statutory notice period? When can I cancel the lease?
  • Has the landlord complied with the legal obligations regarding termination of the lease?

Make an appointment or contact us if you have problems with your rental contract.. Please also include your contract or have it ready, so that one of our consultants can look at it directly.