Our method in five steps!

How do we help you with your rental issue?


You contact us. This can be done via our contact form, email or our Facebook page. Based on your story, we look at what the question is and we give you personal advice. If the situation is difficult to explain, we can always call. This is often enough to get you started.

If there is more to it or if advice is not enough, we will make an appointment to discuss your question in more detail.

Point scoring and house visit

If more clarity is needed about your question, we may make a home visit, especially if you have questions about lowering rental prices.

During a home visit, we can make a good estimate of whether you are paying too much by means of a "point scoring". In the Netherlands, the basic rent is regulated by law. A home earns points for surface area, facilities and amenities. If there are any defects, points will be deducted. This point total indicates how much may be asked for your living space.

After this home visit we can give you solid advice with which you can continue.

Informing the landlord and mediation

With the exception of the assessment procedures, the landlord will be informed of the findings of Huurteam Eindhoven. We call this a request or objection. Depending on the procedure, the landlord has a period to respond to this (from 2 weeks to 2 months).

During this period we mediate between you and the landlord. This keeps you out of the discussion as much as possible. We try to reach a settlement through mediation that feels good for all parties. Sometimes this does not work, so we still have to take the step to the Rental Tribunal.

Procedure at the Rental Tribunal

The Rental Tribunal, an independent body set up by the Dutch government, can make a decision about the amount of your rent, the settlement of service costs and defects in your living space. If problems cannot be resolved in consultation with the landlord, a procedure with the Rental Tribunal offers solutions. They are allowed to make decisions about your problems.

During this process we will keep you informed of every development, but we also try to reach a settlement with the landlord.


If we reach a solution together with the landlord, we will draw up a settlement agreement for you. This gives you proof of the agreement between you and the landlord, something that you can refer to later.

If a procedure nevertheless turned out to be necessary, a decision from the Rental Tribunal will follow after a while. This decision is binding on the landlord. This also gives you certainty that an independent organization has assessed your question.