Good Landlordship Act

The Municipality of Eindhoven has more to say about your living enjoyment!

The Good Landlordship Act came into effect on July 1, 2023. This law expands the powers of municipalities to protect tenants against undesirable situations when renting living or accommodation spaces. By setting a standard for good landlordism, municipalities are given the opportunity to actively monitor the quality of landlordship.

A basic national standard for good landlordism is being introduced in the form of general rules. These standards focus on the behavior that can reasonably be expected of good landlords and rental agents towards home seekers and tenants.

The Good Landlordship Act recognizes these exceedances

  • The landlord refrains from any form of unjustified discrimination
  • The landlord refrains from any form of intimidation
  • The deposit does not exceed two times the basic rental price
  • The rental agreement is documented in a written form
  • The landlord has an obligation to provide information about the rights and obligations of the tenant
  • The landlord only charges service costs as included in art. 7:259 and 7:261 BW
  • The landlord may no longer charge agency fees

The Huurteam Eindhoven is ready to support you, free of charge, in drawing up a report for the Municipality of Eindhoven. Please contact us and indicate which form of violation of standards is taking place, so that we can support you effectively.

Would you like to report this to the Municipality yourself? Please contact it municipal counter for Good Landlordship in Eindhoven.