No maintenance? No thank you!


It doesn’t matter whether you have been living in Eindhoven or if just have found a home in our beautiful city, no one wants overdue maintenance. Homes with leaks, mold, wood rot, ... No one want to live like that and it might even be unhealthy. Your landlord will often ensure that complaints are resolved quickly and easily. However, this is not always the case. Huurteam Eindhoven can help you find a solution with your landlord.

I came back from a week's leave and my entire living room was wet! When I looked at the roof, I just saw that two tiles were broken. I contacted my landlord, but I only had to call a roofer myself.

Should I repair these maintenance issues myself?

A landlord is legally obliged to maintain his rental property. What many tenants don’t know is that in the event of poor maintenance, the tenant can claim a temporarily lower rental price. There are some rules here, such as that you have informed the landlord and given him enough time to resolve the issues.

If this is to no avail, Huurteam Eindhoven can help you by starting a Rent Reduction procedure based on maintenance defects with the rental committee. This gives the landlord an "extra" incentive to solve the problem.

Are you currently experiencing any maintenance issues? Contact Huurteam Eindhoven directly! We prioritize these requests so that you can enjoy your home again.