Service costs… The costs, but not the service.

Service costs

A rental price consists of several components, mainly the basic rental price and the service costs. For example: the bed that was available at the start of your lease, monthly cleaning costs of a shared staircase or the carpet throughout the house. Gas, water and electricity can also be added to the service costs. Some landlords even ask for an all-in rental price in which the service costs and the basic rental price added together as single amount of rent. You do not know exactly what you paying for, whether the annual rent increase is correct or what your bill will be at the end of the year.

We live in an apartment complex with twenty-six units and we have a caretaker who cleans and fixes things. Our landlord wanted to charge us 100 euros per apartment to pay for the salary of the caretaker. Twenty-six times 100 euros. He must earn very well ... I didn't think so!

I don't really know what I’ve been paying for for all this time.

When you rent, you pay a monthly advance on your service costs. The intention is to estimate the costs you will insure throughout the year. The landlord is not allowed to earn anything on this, it is about your consumption. In addition, he may not charge service costs for all appliances, because part is already included in the basic rent. The tenant is entitled to request a statement from the landlord at the end of the year.

You should get back over-paid service costs. This is possible for every living space in which you have lived in the past two years (even if you no longer live in the same house). With the help of Huurteam Eindhoven, you can look at your current service costs, whether they are not too much, but also at the settlement of last year.

Have your service costs tested and get the overpaid costs back.